Best background check sites, companies reviews 2019

Background check companies may seem relatively new to some, but they are around for ages. While they might look similar to police or credit checks, they are actually completely different. Instead of using private information, they rely on public databases to provide as much information as possible.


There are many reasons wherefore they come in handy. You can find a cousin who you lost contact with a decade ago, as well as your mates from college. You might as well want to check on someone you have just met online, not to mention a potential job candidate (not too moral or legal though).


If you get one of these services, you might as well check on a number who keeps calling you to cause trouble or even see what the Internet knows about you. All in all, there are plenty of reasons to do it, but then, what are the best background check sites? Then, what makes them so good?

Top 5 Background Check Companies

Been Verified

Been Verified relies on public databases to provide full checks. It provides affordable and relatively easy access to all kinds of details by putting together phone numbers, addresses, criminal backgrounds, social media links and other useful information in one report.


The info provided can be found for free out there, but it would take weeks or even months of signing up and digging. Been Verified does it in a simple and moral way. You will have to pay over a particular period of time. Meanwhile, you can do as many report checks as you want. You have three options – monthly, every three months or every six months.


Obviously, you can cancel anytime before renewal. However, if you cancel before the subscription ends, you will not be refunded for the difference. The company is around since 2007 and based in New York City, NY.


It has a simplistic website with the basics only – you will find a big search bar on top. Reports will be given in an organized manner, so there is no way you will miss anything. Other than that, it is worth noting that Been Verified has a proprietary application as well – the same features as the website.


The customer service is helpful and knowledgeable. The phone number is available on every page, yet you have other contact options as well. You can inquire about features, payments or potential issues. On a negative note, there are no free trials available.




  • Easy to use
  • Simple website interface
  • Good customer service
  • Multiple subscription options




  • No free or cheap trial


Truth Finder

Truth Finder also qualifies among the best background check websites out there. It is better known for its ability to find small details that other basic websites cannot find. At the same time, it is affordable and provides good value for money.


Just like many other online background check sites, Truth Finder also allows subscriptions over specific periods of time. During the subscription, you can perform as many checks as you want. Of course the longer the subscription, the cheaper the monthly cost becomes.


Searching through the dark web puts Truth Finder before other websites, as it can reach information that most search engines cannot. Running the program is easy – just put in the subject’s name and surname, then go search. Results will pop up within a couple of minutes.


There are five different types of searches out there and each of them has its own particularities. Most of them go in your subscription costs, but the premium search comes with an extra fee. It is, however, the most comprehensive options from this website.


Results displayed are well organized and can be downloaded. You will find stuff like current past phone numbers, addresses, criminal records, marital status, social media profiles, aliases and so on. The premium search will go further and can also include traffic violations, bankruptcies, professional details or arrest records, among others.




  • Unlimited searches for your subscriptions
  • Instructional tutorials and videos
  • Multiple types of searches
  • Can search the dark web




  • The search may often take more than just a few minutes


Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate will provide basic background check options at an affordable rate. It is one of the fastest, but also simplest websites out there. It comes with a bunch of different options when it comes to searches, so it depends on what exactly you are trying to find out about a person.


Instant Checkmate is excellent if you are after bulk reports. Like other websites, it allows signing up for a month or for three months – the second options provides better value for money. During your subscription, you can perform a search or a million searches a day.


One of the things that make Instant Checkmate a top player is the report layout. No matter what you are looking for, the report will be nicely designed for you to get everything at a glance – no need to dig through big chunks of texts in order to find details. Everything is neat and crystal clear.


There are times when you only require a phone number and an address. There are also times when you need to know the sex offender data or criminal records – imagine meeting someone new, you want to know as much as possible about them.


Moreover, feel free to choose one of the three different report types – email, standard and premium. Again, it depends on what you are trying to find out. Premium reports will include info like voting registration, tax liens, professional history, weapon permits and so on.


The website is easy to use and straightforward. Once you get your subscription, it might be a good idea to get the application as well. It allows easier searches, while reports will look even better. Plus, you can search for anyone, anytime.




  • Multiple report types
  • Different subscription types
  • Ideal for bulk reports
  • Excellent layout for reports




  • Premium searches are not included in the actual subscription



Intelius has a plethora of positive background check reviews, mostly because it has a plethora of features and extras without feeling overwhelming or complicated. It allows checking more types of reports. You can perform a simple check on someone, try a reverse phone lookup or get a super detailed report on someone’s life.


It has a couple of subscription options – both of them go on a monthly basis though, yet one of them is discounted. You can go for a classic one off report as well, which might be priced differently based on the kind of information you require. On another note, if you only want to perform a few searches, you can have a 24 hour subscription – which also works like a trial, so you do not have to spend a fortune.


The search can be tailored to your needs. Basic searches provide names, phone numbers and addresses, while the more comprehensive ones provide civil judgment reports, criminal records, professional histories and so on. Choosing the right one might be a bit confusing at first, but each type is clearly explained upfront, so you know precisely what to look for.


Results are very well put together, making Intelius one of the top background check sites. You do not have to struggle browsing through large chunks of text or unnecessary information. Reports look like tables and finding particular details is a matter of seconds only.


As for the website, it is easy to navigate. The search function is the main one, so you cannot miss it. You can even download the free application, yet you will need a subscription to use it. There are no extra features on the app, but just a more convenient approach.




  • Multiple options in terms of searching
  • Intuitive and straightforward website
  • Free mobile applications
  • 24 hour subscription




  • Fees and subscriptions could be a bit confusing


People Looker

People Looker is straightforward and honest upfront – the report you will get depends on how much information is available in public databases. While you already know that, it is worth appreciating the honesty – this portal will not try to sell you the world at a good price.


The best part about it? It performs a comprehensive background check based on various databases. Moreover, if there is new information available on your subject or something gets changed, you will receive a notification. In other words, you can spy on someone by keeping an eye on their life.


The website is simple and direct. As for the search function, you will not be confused with too many options and different pricing ideas. Instead, everything comes with one search function – no fancy extras. Just type in the name and surname (the state would help too) and hit the search button – simple as that.


Unlike other top background check sites, People Looker will provide results in no time. Most other websites take anything between 5 and 15 minutes – even more. With People Looker, the search takes around two minutes. You can then download the report within the next five minutes – no time to waste.


Pricing details are also straightforward. There are two types of subscriptions. One of them is monthly, while the other one goes for three months. They renew automatically, so make sure you cancel them if you are not interested in moving on – do it before it expires. During the subscription time, you can perform as many searches as you want.


Some of the most important information in a report will include criminal records, sex offender data, public pictures, traffic violations, social media networks, marriage and divorce records, bankruptcy issues, court judgments and so on.




  • Fast in providing results and access to the report
  • Proprietary application for more convenience
  • Unlimited searches during the subscription time
  • Straightforward search function




  • Certain search extras are only available on the mobile application


What factors to consider in background check companies


Going with one of the best background check sites in terms of reputation and reviews is a better idea than choosing a random website. You want accuracy, rather than old records that you are already familiar with. The leading basic background check will have a good reputation and can lead you in the right direction.


The search function is also worth some attention. While more options and criteria can be confusing, some of the best background check websites will try to make it as straightforward as possible. It normally depends on what you are looking for. If you are interested in restoring contact with old friends or school colleagues, a basic search will be enough. If you have just met someone over the Internet, you might want to find out more about them.


It is also important to keep things simple. You do not want to spend five minutes trying to figure out how to search for something, just like you do not want to waste 45 minutes finding the details you need in a report. You need a straightforward interface, as well as clear and neat reports. You should be able to search within seconds only, while the details you need must be spotted within a minute.


Keep an eye on the customer service too. Whether you want to cancel a subscription or understand how the search function works, you should get help right away. It might be hard to tell upfront, so get in touch with the customer service and ask some basic questions – it is the best way to test how helpful and knowledgeable those representatives are.

As a short final conclusion, you do not need online background check sites to get information from public databases, but you do not an expert to perform a comprehensive background check (even for dating or for nanny) and save your weeks or months of hard work. Besides, lots of details are not available over search engines, so your search will most likely reach to a dead end. A few background check reviews and a reliable company will save you both time and nerves.

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